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33 Amazing Near-Infrared Photos

By May 7, 2014Articles

Amazing Near-Infrared Photography Images

In contrast with human eye, digital camera sensors are sensitive to infrared light. To avoid color artifacts and autofocus calculations, digital camera sensors are equipped with infrared blocking filters. Older DSLR cameras may have less infrared blocking capabilities and offer the opportunity to capture near-infrared images. An alternative method to capture near-infrared photographs is to remove the infrared blocker in front of the sensor and replace it with another filter that blocks visible light. This method is expensive and requires to modify the camera and make it work only with infrared light.


For older DSLR cameras with weaker infrared blocking capabilities a single detachable lens infrared filter might work. To test if your camera is capable of capturing infrared light, try to capture a  TV remote controller while pressing the buttons. With shutter speed of 3-4 seconds, check the image for any infrared light coming trough the remote controller. If you see marks of infrared light then you can buy a lens detachable filter. The filter will block the visible light and allow infrared light to pass through the filter. However, you need long shutter speeds of 15+ seconds to capture infrared photos.


Hoya detachable infrared filter:



To capture infrared images, a tripod is required to avoid camera shake. For good results, capturing sunny days with green trees and water lakes is a nice idea. The final challenge is to transform the reddish images in post processing. Modifying white balance can result in images with dark blue skies and pinkish leaves.


Below, we can see a selection of 33 amazing infrared photos. Some of these images have undergone heavy post-processing to produce a beautiful dreamy effect.


Chree by Zach Stern

amazing infrared photography (1)


Reflets IRréels by David Keochkerian


amazing infrared photography (2)


Kill Bill. by digitalpimp.

amazing infrared photography (3)


Old vs New Hong Kong by Mattias Hammar

amazing infrared photography (4)


La petite maison dans la praIRie by David Keochkerian

amazing infrared photography (5)


Pont Chaban Delmas#2 by AlpixImages

amazing infrared photography (6)


Calm before the Storm by Mattias Hammar

amazing infrared photography (7)


A different World in Infrared by Werner Kunz

amazing infrared photography (8)


Catholic University by Zach Stern

amazing infrared photography (9)


Pagoda dreams by Yevgen Pogoryelov

amazing infrared photography (10)


Tree on Monument Hill by Zach Stern

amazing infrared photography (11)


Infra…. Blue! by David Keochkerian

amazing infrared photography (12)


Discovering the Light by Don Komarechka

amazing infrared photography (13)


The road to the big house by Neal Fowler

amazing infrared photography (14)


Blue on blue, heartache on heartache by Gabe Farnsworth

amazing infrared photography (15)


Ice Castle by Jeff Fillmore

amazing infrared photography (16)


Summer Snow by Mattias Hammar

infrared photography 17


Griffith Park Observatory in Infrared by Bob Denhaan

infrared photography 18


The Barn Across the Meadow by Frank Loose

infrared photography 19


Dove Memorial! by David Keochkerian

infrared photography 20


Tokyo Disneyland by Tom Bricker

infrared photography 21


Walt Disney World by Tom Bricker

infrared photography 22


White Lines by russbarnes

infrared photography 23


Scars & Stripes russbarnes

infrared photography 24


Photo by Thorsten Scheel

infrared photography 25


Bel Air (Le Haillan) by Adrien Sifre

infrared photography 26


Collins Street Buildings by Mattias Hammar

infrared photography 27


Hot Air Balloons by Paula Cobleigh

amazing infrared photography 28


Infrared tree by  jeje62

amazing infrared photography 29


Lifeguard tower by Paula Cobleigh

amazing infrared photography 30


Boise in Infrared by vazagothic

amazing infrared photography 31


Dreams in Infrared by ilimel

amazing infrared photography 32


Horses Dreams infrared by MichiLauke

amazing infrared photography 33

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