Advertise on Dreamstale

Image and text ads help you grow your online business. We accept images or text ads on our website. Currently we accept two types of ads that will appear on top-middle sidebar of our blog. Maximum width should be 260px (ex. 260×260 rectangular banner) for the large banner. We also offer 125 x 125px banner on our sidebar. Keeping things clean maximizes visibility for your ads. At this moment we don’t accept animated ads.


Drop us a line for more information , site stats or anything else you want to ask about advertising on Dreamstale. Our site will remain clean and offer a great exposure for your ads. We never place more than two different ads per page.

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Advertisement Period

The advertisement period affects the total price. Prices start from 19$ for the small 125px banner per month and 79$ for the large rectangular banner per month. For two months you get 10% discount and for three months, 20% off.


The rectangular large banner is placed on sidebar middle-top. The small banners are placed under the large banner. Ads are not visible on homepage and checkout but visible on blog posts, categories and other content pages.


We accept payment through Paypal. The advertisement period start from the day we list your ads on our website.