This is a collection of 3 Photoshop actions for your photos. This set includes advanced actions that produce stunning results. The “Warm Sunset” is great for sunsets or sunrises. The “Retro” effect gives a nice touch to your photos. Use this actions for portraits, kids, and objects. The “Warm and Bright” effect is another cool Photoshop action that transforms cold and flat photos to bright and warm pictures.

Photoshop Actions for Photo Enhancements

Warm Effect Photoshop Action. This action is good for landscapes, sunsets, and sunrises.

Dreamstale Magic Sunset Photoshop Action

Retro Effect Photoshop Action.
Use this cool action to add a cool retro effect to your images. Great for portraits and objects.

Dreamstale Retro Effect Photoshop Action
Photo by Anurag

Bright and Warm Photoshop Action.
This Photoshop action is great for portraits. Warm colors and bright soft highlights.

Dreamstale Warm and Bright Photoshop Action
Photo by Nicola

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Files Included: Photoshop Action (Atn)
Author: Dreamstale

Licensed under Freebie License
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