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Sleekons Minimal Icons

Sleekons is a minimalistic and sleek set of icons for modern projects. 2800+ useful and simple icons for daily projects including smartphone apps, website templates, web projects, etc.

Price: 69$ 47$
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Spectrum Line Icons

Spectrum is a minimalistic bundle of 1000 line vector icons. Modern, colorful and flat icons. Designed to look crisp and detailed even at small sizes.

Price: 57$ 37$
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Proximo Concept Icons

Proximo Line Icons is a cool new bundle of line vector icons. Detailed, beautiful, minimalistic and modern set of icons for stunning projects. 20 Neatly organized categories and more than 840 handcrafted icons.

Price: 69$ 39$
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Slimicons Thin Icons

Slimicons is a massive bundle of 3300 line vector icons. Simple, beautiful and modern icons. Minimalistic and modern icons designed to look crisp and detailed even at small sizes.

Price: 79$ 44$
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Sharpicons Bold Icons

Sharpicons is a huge bundle of 2400 line vector icons. Download a beautiful set of icons to meet a broad range of needs. Our icon pack comes with a free extended license for unlimited personal and commercial projects!

Price: 69$ 38$
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Backgrounds & Textures

384 Hi-Res backgrounds & images bundle. Great for websites, mobile apps, devices, user interface, prints or any kind of project. 10 sets of beautiful and high-quality images designed for everyday needs of creative professionals.

Price: 50$ 25$
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Vector Web Elements

12 sets of handmade useful vector elements including frames, badges, stamps, dividers, hand drawn elements and shapes in one single bundle.

Price: 51$ 19$
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Design Bundles

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