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This is a huge collection of 170 file type vector icons available in 5 styles (850 icons). Includes Png files, Illustrator Ai, Eps & CSS image sprites. Great for file extension icons sets on computers or mobile devices. Give your projects a clean and modern look. You can use these vector icons for your personal or commercial projects.

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Icons Included:
pdf, doc, xlsx, html, ppt, jpg, txt, zip, csv, xls, css, png, sql, xml, docx, mp3, gif, psd, mp4, log, cad, apk, eps, avi, rar, ai, wmv, pptx, cer, js, mov, flash, jar, flv, wav, tiff, swf, dwg, exe, aspx, bmp, pub, raw, svg, sql, rtf, aac, iso, pps, dll, tar, jsp, rss, py, msg, asp, eps, 7z, gzip, csr, fla, wma, indd, lnk, vob, app, dxf, m3u, cpp, cdr, dat, iso, vcd, ogg, ico, kml, icns, aif, ttf, mdb, db, odt, mid, m4a, max, sys, gpx, mpa, mpg, vb, dbf, msi, 3gp, ps, obj, orf, pdb, vcf, odt, fon, otf, bat, key, cab, m4v, cfm, rpm, gz, fnt, tex, com, bin, odb, odp, 3ds, pkg, tmp, xlr, ged, odf, srt, wps, cpl, asf, ods, bak, tga, elf, odx, sitx, wsf, gam, kmz, ics, mdf, rom, odi, sdf, 3g2, lua, dtd, crx, cur, dmg, drv, ra, cgi, nes, 3dm, iff, odg, sav, hqz, yuv, dmp, mim, gbr, dem, pl, wpd, rm, pif, odc, cue, pct, thm, cfg, asx, dds, uue

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20.1 MB

File Types:
Ai, Eps, Png & Css

32px, 64px, 128px, 256px, 512px


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Flat & Minimals
Pixel Perfect Icons
Scalable Vectors

Whats Included:

850 Flat Vector Icons
Ai, Eps, Png & Css Image Sprites
Illustrator Ai Artboards


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