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Beautiful Examples of Minimal Typography

By May 9, 2017February 7th, 2023No Comments3 min read

There are various dimensions of subtlety in minimalism that designers explore in their journey towards creating a website. One such aspect is typography. We have a lot of things to consider when picking fonts for a website. From your typeface being responsive on different screens to the style complementing the rest of the content on the page, we have to ensure that things don’t look asunder when typography is selected for the website.

Since minimalism is the new path that websites have explored towards creating exceptional experiences, it is peremptory that minimal typography is selected carefully as well.

Your Website’s Typography Defines Its Character

When a user visits your website, a lot of things like the image, font, design and layout catch their attention. Typography is one element that interlinks everything else so that your website gets a character. Even before we begin to read the story or check all the pages, we see the site. And in seeing the website we see the images, the style used for the typeface and the colors. With very few words, you can typically speak oodles about your website’s persona through its typography.

By using minimal typography, you keep things crisp and sharp. There are very few elements in play. Things are stripped down to their simplest yet boldest form. Minimalism is celebrated because it encourages typography to explore the beauty in austerity. It is flawless in its simplest form – just like the website.

Keep it Effortless for Your Readers

Minimal typography also helps in allowing readers to easily read your story without getting lost in ambivalent curves and extensions in the fonts. By keeping it simple, you make the text more readable. It helps users easily go through your website without putting a lot of effort into it. Since time is an essence and we are getting used to an effortless online environment, people don’t like to spend time trying to figure out what something means. They want the typeface to be clean. It gives the website an unfazed look and helps readers concentrate better on the content.

Use the Right Colors

Since minimalism is ever so painlessly symbolized in black and white, the truth is that typeface and backgrounds can always be contrasted in a number of different colors. Since colors add soul to your website, don’t feel too shy of exploring colors for your typeface. Choose colors that contrast well with the background. While there is no harm in sticking to black and white, there are many other neutral colors that you will enjoy equally well.

Symmetry vs Asymmetry

Some would think minimalism is about keeping it very straightforward, and to a certain extent, that is exactly what we try to achieve with minimalism. We keep it as simple as we can and the website uses as few elements and objects required as possible. But the website owes its beauty to the appropriate use of the elements that are being used. Since typeface is extremely important, you may find the beauty of your website in the symmetric placing of the fonts or you may be able to give it more character through asymmetry.

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