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21 Beautiful Free & Premium Fonts

Digital typography is an essential element of modern design, helping creators to convey their message in a visually satisfying way. The use of fonts and typefaces allows new dimensions of creativity that weren’t possible without digital technology. Designers can now easily play with fonts, font sizes and type sides to intentionally communicate ideas through fonts alone, making logos, website designs, advertisements and more all the more powerful.

There are a plethora of digital fonts, ranging from bold sans-serifs to classical serif fonts. All with the potential to enhance a product’s appeal. While fonts are an invisible art form by nature, their impact on design is immense. When used skillfully, fonts can make all the difference between an ordinary design and an exceptional one.

Been looking for free fonts to give your project the extra oomph? We’ve picked out 21+ great free premium fonts from all over the internet, so you can give your design a stylish and modern look. With each font available for free, it couldn’t be easier. Just click on one of the listed font names to download and install.



Free premium fonts (1)
BARON (Free typefamily)


Free premium fonts (1)
Flex Display – free fonts


Free premium fonts (2)
Mohave Free Typefaces


free premium font 4
Canter free fonts


download free premium fonts (1)
PEYO Regular – Free Font


download free premium fonts (5)
Endorphins – A Free Font


download free premium fonts (1)
Flagship Free Typeface


download free premium fonts (2)
Tesla Font + Free Font


download free premium fonts (3)
Sant Joan Despí —Free Font


download free premium fonts (3)
Blenda Script – Free Font


download free premium fonts 11
Dense typeface


downalod free premium fonts 12
Streetwear (Free Font)


download free premium fonts 13
BROWNIE – free font


download free premium fonts 14
Hitchhiker Free Font


free premium fonts 15
Porto font (free)


free premium fonts 16
Hallo Sans, Free typeface


free premiuim fonts 17
Airbag Typeface and Free Font


Glamor – Chic & Modern Free Type


free premium fonts 19
True Love Free Font


downalod free premium fonts 20
Quasith – Free Font


free premium fonts 21
GENT (Free Typeface)


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