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How to Add Copyright Info in Photoshop

Protecting your digital images is crucial for any photographer or digital artist; copyright metadata makes it easy to identify yourself as the owner of an image. Adobe Photoshop provides an intuitive way to add copyright metadata right into the digital photo file, including information like contact details, a link to an info page, and keywords related to the image. This allows you to let other people know that the copyright of your work is claimed while also providing them with the information they may need if they wish to license the photo.

Adding copyright metadata in Photoshop takes just a few clicks and ensures that you are properly credited for your work.

1. Open the image

First, open the image if you want to add metadata to a file in Photoshop.

add copyright info to photos step 1

2. File info

Go to File > File Info to open the file info options.

add copyright info to photos step 2

3) Add your info

To add information fill out the form by adding a title, author, status, URL, and everything else you want to add. Except for description and copyright info, you can add IPTC (International Press Telecommunications Council Core schema), Camera Data, GPS Data, Origin, and other options.

You can also export the template and use it for other files.

add copyright info to photos in photoshop step 3


Save it as a template so you can use the same info in other files.

add copyright info to images with photoshop


With this simple copyright method, metadata is shared with everyone. A special program is not needed to check copyright information. To check copyright on Microsoft Windows, simply right-click on the image and select “Properties”. In the Details tab. All of the file information will be present including copyright info for Photoshop and any other images used in your project. This feature is an easy way to ensure that copyright holders are properly credited for their work and that no precious images are misused or taken advantage of.


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