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Flat Colors and Design Trends

By July 13, 2017January 12th, 2021No Comments4 min read
flat colors and web design freebie Flat Colors and Design Trends

The internet benevolently stretches out its arms to accept every website that finds it way online. In this vast ocean of web pages, where making your presence felt is extremely important for the survival of your business, we’ve noticed a sudden shift in design ideologies that are breaking away from the rudimentary viewpoint of using flamboyance to attract the audience. Quite contrary to the idea of being showy, modernistic websites are embracing subtle simplicities in the form of flat colors and designs.

Is it just a passing trend or does this design have enough substance to create a niche for itself in the dynamism of design trends for websites? Let’s find out.

Cutting Down on Overwhelming Graphics

Flat design is all about moving towards simplicity in every form and factor. It takes away any element that can create a distraction for the viewers, replacing it with simple details that draw attention towards the content. Instead of overwhelming the users with confounding graphics, a flat design is about clean design which is unfussy yet sophisticated.

When picking a flat design mockup for your project, don’t simply fall for the first flat design you see. Identify the elements and how well they are placed or the space provided to each element. Flat design is about removing or minimizing 3D elements to make it flat and give it more of a 2D appearance. Every element is stripped of flashiness to look simple yet noticeable.

Tip: Keeping it simple also means that you don’t rob your users of the usual elements that they are accustomed to. If they find it too difficult to locate the shopping cart or the sign-up button then you may end up on the losing end, even with a good flat design website.

free interface kit Flat Colors and Design Trends

Colors Can Make the Difference You Want

It is not always necessary for your website to create dimensions through bevels, gradients or shadows. Colors can help you create a different kind of dimension. Color palettes are becoming bigger and better than the usual choice of colors noticed in websites earlier. Black and White continues to dominate the minimalistic design trends; but designers are also experimenting with neutral shades of peach, green, and yellows.

There is a lot of literature available on the psychology of colors. The right combination of colors can stimulate your viewer’s senses and help your website get the attention you want for it.

Your audience will play a major role in choosing colors. Pick a palette that complements your brand’s logo and matches the visual requirements of your users.

web gradients freebie Flat Colors and Design Trends

Typefaces Enhance the Aesthetics and Give Your Design an Edge

Yes. When everything else is simple, typography shines brightly through. Good typography gives character to your content. It makes it more attractive and helps your users focus on what you actually want to say and not just on the showiness of your website’s design.

Typefaces suffer in the hand of designers when other factors like compatibility and responsiveness come into play. You would want your website to be presentable on all screens. This reduces the chances of typography being explored and utilized the way it really should.

A good flat design requires beautiful typography. For a website that is stripped off all other fancy elements requires good typeface to add beauty to the design.

coves free typeface flat design Flat Colors and Design Trends

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Flat Colors and Designs Bring the Spotlight on Primary Functions and Features

To sum it all up, flat designs and colors are being accepted worldwide because of the clean design and beauty they render to a website. A lot of this depends on the hands of the designer. Placing the elements carefully, choosing the right spectrum of colors and picking typefaces that enhance the visual appeal of the website make flat colors and designs, a viable trend.