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Featured Photographer: Fabio Antenore

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Featured Photographer: Fabio Antenore

If you are looking for outstanding photographers Fabio Antenore is a name to remember. His amazing skills and unique style make him an inspirational magnet. We wanted to learn more about Fabio and his work, upcoming trips, and tutorials.

Can you start by telling us about yourself?

Sure. My name is Fabio Antenore. I am a professional Landscape Photographer, Photo Coach, Tourguide and I sell Landscape Photography Tutorials.

I am Photographer since maybe 2013. In the first part of my life, I was Audio engineer. I worked many years as Live-engineer, means I mixed concerts of Live Bands, and I was Manager and main Engineer in a Music Recording studio.

It was never planned to be a Photographer. But it was Love at first sight.
After buying my first cam it was totally clear that this is the thing I love to do. It was totally the opposite of all my feelings I had my whole life when I was working with music. From one day to another I knew the feeling when you have found your talent. Everything was just easy.. I never had to fight myself to create. I learned everything so Fast like it was always ready to use in me.
Guess my work as Audio engineer was the best basis for my work as a photographer. Because after recording a Song, the song isn’t finished. The mixing work starts right at that moment. And it was clear for me to work in the same way on my Pictures.

At this time there were no other ppl in the German area who worked in that way. And even no youtube tutorials. So I created my own Style. I took techniques from the Composing guys and some from the Portrait photographers to create my own way to edit pictures. Some years later I realized there were also photographers on the other side of the Globe who worked in a really similar style, but in the German area, I was definitely the first who worked in this Hyperreal Landscape photography style. Even Timeblendings as a way to create high-quality nightscapes I have never seen before from other Photographers.

How did your journey start?

I bought my first Camera to shoot behind the scene at a Music video shooting from an Artist I produced this time. It was in a Lost Place and I was so fascinated about taking pictures of places like that. So first I shot just lost places, but after a short time took my cam with me also during hikes and stuff and I start to shoot landscapes.

Is this a path you always knew was meant for you?

No. It was never on my plan. I was a musician and Audio engineer during my whole life! and I just realized my first Dream with building a Big Recording studio and a Company.
But after a short time, it was totally clear that I have much more talent taking pictures than making music or mixing music.

After 4 Years as a Photographer, I had to decide between, my first part of my life in the Music industry and my Photography life. Because it is not possible to run two things on the highest possible level. I choose Photography… And from this moment I was no longer an audio engineer and musician. I became a professional Photographer.

What’s the inspiration behind your work?

Good question. Guess the inspiration is Mother Nature! The beauty of our Planet.
I always try to transport my feelings in a Picture! My goal is not “just” to freeze a moment. I wanna bring all my feelings in a piece of Art.

What does photography mean to you?

It is my life. It lets me show my emotions to the World. It lets me show the Beauty of our Planet the whole world. It gave me my destination. And it is a way to do every day what I love, to earn the money to pay my bills.

What’s your most favorite shot so far and why?

Guess I don’t have a favorite shot. That changes every Day and depends on how I feel.
But two of my favorite shots made last year are “Portal” and “Limides in Pink” .
“Portal” because it is made on a spot I had so long on top of my bucket list and “limides in pink” because it is a spot I visited many times and I had never the perfect conditions till I took that picture.

Where will be your next travel destination?

My next destination is one of my all-time top on my Bucket list. I visit Indonesia for 3 Weeks to scout for 2020 workshops.

What’s one piece of advice you would give to new photographers?

Try to find your own style. Do whatever you have in your mind and go your way… set your goals as high as you can and gif 150% to reach it!

What are your future plans?

I will release in the next months my tutorials also for the English Photographers. But I have not translated my German tutorials,  we produced an extra tutorial in English. we where 4 Days with a camera team on Tenerife to shot it.
And I release a totally free luminosity mask Panel with some extra actions for Orton effect.

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Follow Fabio on Instagram and Facebook. Learn more about photography through his workshops and tutorials.

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