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In this Photoshop tutorial, we’ll learn how to replace a sky in Adobe Photoshop. When we capture photos, usually something is not looking perfect. Very often the sky is underexposed or overexposed. Sometimes it may be dull or boring. With this cool technique, you can replace any sky in minutes.

Tutorial details and resources

Difficulty: Beginner
Apps: Adobe Photoshop (CS or later)
Estimated Completion Time: 5-10′ Minutes
Resources: City Hall by William –  Sky by zaphad1

Step 1 > Quick Selection

Pick the Magic Wand Tool (M) with 20 Tolerance and make a selection of the sky you want to replace.

You can use your favorite selection method but Magic Wand Tool is quick and easy for images like this.


Step 2 > Copy the Sky

Open the new sky image in a new Photoshop document and quickly select the sky with the rectangular tool. Go to Edit > Copy or press (Ctrl + C) on your keyboard to copy the sky.

replace the sky in photoshop - step 2

Step 3 > Replace the Sky

With the original sky by going to Edit > Paste Special > Paste Info. Scale the new sky if needed.


Step 3 > Brightness

If the new sky is darker or lighter go to Image > Adjustments > Brightness/Contrast and modify the brightness until you like the result.

Repeat the same technique if the sky has different color toning but this time change the color balance or hue/saturation.

For this image, I increased the brightness by 50 points.



When you want to quickly replace a sky just find a similar image but with a lovely and dramatic sky.

Images shot in different weather conditions have different white balance values. You have to change the brightness and color toning accordingly.