In this quick Photoshop tutorial well see how to copy layers from one document to another in Photoshop. With this method, you don’t need to make a selection and use copy and paste shortcuts. Save time while working in Photoshop and focus on what you create.

Tutorial details and resources

Difficulty: Beginner
Apps Used: Adobe Photoshop
Estimated Completion Time: 2′ Minutes
Resources: –

Step 1 > Copy the Layer

First highlight / select the layer you want to copy. Next, go to Layer > Duplicate Layer to copy the layer from Document 1.


Step 2 > Duplicate Layer

In the new tab chose where you want to copy the layer. The list contains all your active/open documents in Photoshop. You can also copy the layer to a new document.



The layer is now copied in Document 2. You can use the same technique to copy and paste smart objects, shapes, and groups. Speed your workflow with this simple but quick technique.